Friday, January 21, 2011

Sawtell - quaint but sophisticated- where is it?

I grew up on the mid North Coast of NSW - just an hour south of Sawtell - at Scotts Head. We thought this was the best place but in 1998 - I changed my mind - Sawtell has more to offer in every way!

Enjoy a coffee in Sawtell's quaint First Ave.

Just where do you find this seaside village? Most of you have travelled the Pacific highway - about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane you slowly drive through Coffs Harbour - cursing the 13 red lights, the ugliness of the industrial and commercial sites and all the trucks! Yes you have passed the turn offs to Sawtell - just 10 minutes south. I know, we did it for years until we decided to take Drive 18 which is the scenic drive through Coffs Harbour. The first village you come to is Sawtell - the wonder of the heritage First Avenue - with a centre piece of Hili Figs and palms creating a canopy for the alfresco diners at the many cafes and restaurants. We didn't make it any further north on this trip - just soaked up the ambience of this quaint village - sophistication has come later.
Have you taken the road less travelled - Drive 18- through Coffs Harbour?

Thanks to joolmp for the photo!